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Soul Fest

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The second annual SoulFest concert will be taking place in Joburg this Women’s Day, 9 August 2019, and will feature Blackstreet founding members Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister, Glenn Lewis and Melanie Fiona.

This year’s line-up was tailored for the authentic R&B fan, and will again showcase three international icon headliners


This Canadian neo-soul sensation launched his career in the late 1990’s with a string of hit single and boasts three chart topping albums under his belt. His catalogue of music hosts one of the highest played scores at weddings across the globe.


Founded in 1991, this iconic Grammy winning musical outfit released sing along hit singles for over a decade. With hits like ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘No Diggity’ and ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love, their music made all hit lists over a scan of over 10 years.


Once in a group with rapper Drake, this singer and song writer started her solo career by touring the US with Kanye West. She has release hit singles over the years and has become a household name with her sultry soulful voice.